Expiration of SpamExperts bundle

A SpamExperts bundle is renewed automatically at its expiration date, unless the account balance is insufficient. At that moment, the bundle expires. Expiration of a SpamExperts bundle is performed in three steps, to minimize the impact of an expired bundle on your business:

  1. Filtering disabled: at the moment of expiration, we do not just delete the filters, but we whitelist a 'wildcard' address for all filters. Effectively, this means that every e-mail is accepted and the recipient finds spam messages in his mailbox.
  2. Mail delivery disabled: if after one week the bundle still is expired, mail delivery is disabled. The mail recipients will not receive any e-mail anymore.
  3. Removal of filters: another week later, the filters are removed from our SpamExperts servers. All settings, logs and quarantined e-mails are lost.

In all stages, an expired bundle can be reactivated. After reactivation, allow a few hours for all settings to be restored. Reactivation during phases [1] and [2] recover all filter settings. Reactivation after removal of the filters (phase [3]) result in recovering of the mail routes (destination hosts) and aliases, but all other settings are lost and cannot be restored.

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